Life these days

It is 2:54 in the afternoon on Friday the second of September.

There is a lull in my work, I work from home these days and for the most part, I really enjoy it. Things can occasionally become stressful, but not today.

As I look out the windows, I see the skis starting to darken, seems to be the season here in the south for a fair amount of rain. So be it. I like it.

Now to what I have been thinking about a lot lately…Are any of you familiar with the story about “The Woman at the Well?”

It’s a heartwarming and also gut-wrenching story that is found in the Bible. It can be found in John 4:1-25. You might want to read it, especially if you, like me have had several relationships over the many, many years. And yet you are a born-again believer. So what do we do with this information? I have read the Bible cover to cover twice. What do I do?

So what I want to do, is examine the story in light of today. Simply because we live in the modern world, have things really changed that much? There are still many places in our world where women are still considered property. Even here in the United States of America.

The Story of the woman at the well is about a time when Jesus is traveling, and the disciples go on ahead. And Jesus goes up to a well where a Samaritan woman is drawing water. Jesus asks her for a drink of water. And this Samaritan woman said, “Why would a Jewish man asks a Samaritan woman for a drink of water?” (Taken from TPT Bible) Jesus replied, do you know who I am, and do you know the gift God has for you? Then Jesus said to her if you drink from this well you will thirst again. But I can give you life-giving water that if you drink from you will never thirst again. At this point the Samaritan woman is trying to calculate how is this man going to draw any water, he doesn’t even have a bucket, or rope and this particular well was very deep. The life-giving water that Jesus is speaking of is the water of the Holy Spirit of God. The Samaritan woman realizes she wants this and asks Jesus for this water. Jesus then asks her to get her husband and bring him back here, the Samaritan woman says I am not married, and Jesus says you are speaking the truth, and then he goes on to tell how many times she has been married. Obviously for any of us, if someone said these kinds of things to us, how would we react? (I have paraphrased a lot please read the whole story at John 4:1-25)

I am a woman at the well, are you? On May 2, 1989, I gave my heart to Christ. So I am a born-again believer who has since that time been divorced twice and I live with my soul mate.

What’s your story and how do you deal with this? Please comment.

Blessings all!