What Makes us a Child of God

  1. I am a child of God

Romans 8:16   The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

Back in the end of April, in the year 1989, I went to a revival meeting with a friend.  The revival meeting was to last, I think, five days I was invited by someone who, unbeknownst to me had been praying for me to come to church, but more importantly to come to a know the Lord.

I went.

It was interesting.

The speaker was a man named Fred Meyers, I think, this was now 30 years ago.

I had spent a large part of my life knowing who God is, but not EVER inviting Him into my life.  Have you ever done this?  Ignoring someone who wants so badly to be a part of your life?

Pastor Meyers was really an eloquent speaker, he incorporated wonderful stories into his teaching.  Done in such a way that you didn’t realize you were being drawn closer and closer to the truth.  Like I said he was very eloquent.

I went to the meeting on Monday April 30, 1989

I couldn’t go on Tuesday May 1, 1989.  But boy oh boy did I do a lot of thinking on what I had heard.

On Wednesday as I was getting ready to go to the Revival Meeting, I took a hard look at my life, and decided that inviting Christ into it was the only available route for me to take.  I certainly was not doing a very bang up job by myself.

So, on Wednesday May 2nd, 1989 I became a child of God.  I asked God/Christ/Holy Spirit to come into my heart.  I asked for the forgiveness of my sins, of which I had plenty.  And believe me I wasn’t eloquent, but God heard my plea, and came and took up residence in my heart. And He forgave me of my numerous sins.

Was there a bunch of fan fair, no, not here on earth, but I do like to think that there was a celebration going on in Heaven.

In the verse that is written above, it says that the Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.  The Spirit of God now has residence within us.  He helps us to stay on the straight and narrow road, if we listen.  This is the really hard part.


Psalm 46: 10 says…. Be still and know that I am God…

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Not only do we need to communicate with our Lord and Savior, but we must really learn to be still and listen for His voice telling us what he wants us to do.

Does He speak to me, at times?  Am I very good at being still, NO.  This life we live is so filled with all things tec and not all of it is good.  When is the last time you just sat, and thought about the verses you just read?  and how to apply them to your life?  some are very good at this. While others, don’t do it often enough to allow it to become a habit.

Not all habits are bad. There are some good ones. Let’s learn a new habit.  Let’s “SOAP”

So, I have read this……

“S”cripture, Romans 8:16   The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

I have written this scripture, Romans 8:16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

I am…..

“O”bserving this scripture, thinking about it, what does it mean to me?

How can I ……

“A”pply this scripture to my life…. Okay, now this is where it can get a little tough. In applying this to my life I must consider and agree that God is actually my Father, if I am a child of God and the Holy Spirit testifies with my inner spirit, then this means, to me, that I need to listen and when I am convicted, I need to do what I am being convicted of.  This I honestly believe is our conscience.  You know when you are doing something wrong.  I am sure you have been aware of “Red Flags,” I sure know I have been.

I am…..

“P”raying about and with this scripture…. Father, it’s me, in Romans chapter 8 verse 16 it says that the Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are Your children.  Father teach me as a child learns from their father, help me to be open to what you are saying.  Help me to hear what you are saying; and do as you would have me do.  And Father I ask you to forgive me of my sins, and help me, to acknowledge that once you forgive, they are forgotten, they are erased from the slate, help me to not continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.  I don’t know that I have asked you this before, but Daddy, I am asking you this right here and right now…I don’t want to repeat my past mistakes.  And I ask this by the precious blood of Jesus, that was shed for me.  Amen.

And this is partly what it means to me to be a child of God.

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