What is Life All About These Days? Ramblings of Rebecca…

It used to be that my life was about rearing my children, going to work, coming home at the end of the day and making dinner, perhaps throwing in a load of laundry.  Maybe even doing a bit of weeding…

I still spend time with the Lord, perhaps a bit more.  Trying to be more realistic with my relationships.  Especially with the Lord.  I was talking to someone the other day, who is a fairly new Christian, and this person was telling me about saying prayers with their children.  Explaining to them that this is simply a conversation with God.  While we were talking I suggested that they also stress, lightly stress the fact that, not only do they need to spend time with the Lord in prayer, but to also spend time with the Lord listening for His responses.  Whether it be a statement or a question from Him, don’t forget to listen.

I have also rekindled my desire to spend more time with Christian women.  A dear friend of mine asked me recently as I was dealing with some “stuff,” (more on that at another time) how much time do I actually spend with other Christian women…Hmmmm…good question, I answered her that I really am only spending time with my daughter, pictured above.  That’s about it!  This women, being the great teacher that she is said flat out, I think you need to start back in with the women’s group.  So I did and I am.  She was of course right.

Ruth and children 6-10-18

However I still spend time with my daughter, a fair amount, actually, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.  I have been blessed with 18 grandchildren, three of whom are pictured above.  Such wonderful and sweet children.  I hope these three don’t forget me as they get older…I really feel like that is sad when our grandchildren grow away from us.  It doesn’t happen by itself either.  We as parents have to encourage our children to understand that our children will never know about that time in history if they don’t spend time with their grandparents.  In some way shape or form.  When this particular child of mine, had her first child, we spent a lot of time on Skype.  There are definitely ways to stay connected should you need to choose this path.

So if you are struggling with familial relationships, consider the options, there are so many! so think about what is available to you and do it.  Remember a relationship is a two way street.  If there is someone in your family, as there is in mine, figure it out.  As I will do.

Sadly I have one child and five grandchildren and one great grandson that I hardly know.  They live quite a distance away.  I know, no excuse, time goes by and things slip away.  We should really not allow this to happen.

But for right now I will help and enjoy these three munchkins, make sweaters and blankets for them and just love on them whenever I get the opportunity.

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